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Cartier International SNC, or simply Cartier (; French: [kaʁtje]), is a French luxury goods conglomerate which designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells jewellery and watches. Founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847, the company remained under family control until 1964. The company maintains its headquarters in Paris, although it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Richemont Group. Cartier operates more than 200 stores in 125 countries, with three Temples (Historical Maison) in London, New York, and Paris.

Andrew mentioned in a review, "Disgusting service from a so-called luxury brand. There was a problem with my £6k watch due to no fault of mine. The crown was loose and meant it failed to start once it hadn’t been warned for a while. Cartier refuses to accept responsibility for a watch that never worked properly despite it being under warranty. Disgraceful and avoid at all costs. I’ve now got a broken watch for £6k. There are so much better watch brands."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very poor management. Management is hired based in how long they've been with the company or how well higher ups may like them. The managers have no people skills, no task management experience, and no leadership skills. They don't know how to grow employees nor do they want their employees to grow and learn. They definitely do not give raises unless you're in a store location. The 'management' has no clue about the actual jewelry business as a whole i.e. stones, jewelry repair, basic jewelry 101. Although HR is aware of all the problems with management nothing gets taken care of. When all of HR starts to quit, there clearly is a big problem!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The HR department in New York has much to learn in regards to conducting interviews and follow up. Interviews are conducted at a leisurely time of approximate 7 months."

Former Employee - Boutique Administrator says

"It’s discouraging and draining when you work alongside people who constantly have a negative mindset. Also, Having a manager who degrades you daily and makes you stressed out doesn’t help. I will never come back to this company, not worth my time."

Former Employee - Peasant says

"Lots of politics, favoritism, and over all a draining place to work. If you kiss the right as you'll get a promotion in no time :) oh and they do not use any people of color in their advertisements"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extremely unprofessional and unethical company. Customer service is horrible (associates are taught to tell clients that it must be the client's fault when anything breaks even if it is clearly a product defect). Management is inconsistency with following company policies. Incompetence and unwillingness to help from managers. Management picks their favorites based not on merit but on who kisses up more. You will be told that your personal life does not matter and if you request time off you will be interrogated on why you need that time and then management will judge if that matter is deemed “important” enough for them to grant it. If you have any problems DO NOT go to HR as they will tell management about your complaint and management will target you for harassment. The management style of this company is oppressive and archaic it is more akin to bullying than anything else."

Former Employee - Corporate Employee says

"To get ahead here you need to be pushy, aggressive and know how to play the corporate game. You need to strategically befriend certain executives if you ever want to be given more opportunities and career growth. Its a popularity contest and if you are will to be inauthentic and learn how to manipulate your superiors, you will do well here. Major lack of transparency among leaders and many inefficient and even harmful HR policies. It helps to be French here - helps even more if you are a French man. They seem to be the only ones who have rapid career growth and who are given the opportunities to hold various roles within the company."


"the "manager" of dept. always tried to steal my phone calls, saying I was gone. Commission is poor, cut throat atmosphere, no two days off in a row, LONG hours, did I say long hours! After work special events. Not a friendly place to work -for pittances."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Despite the beautiful jewelry, it is a rather depressing environment. I would go into work every day feeling like my insides were going to explode. The clients were the most terrible people I've ever met in my life. They were constantly screaming at us, swearing, and putting us down in terms I can't even write on here. The management would never stick up for their co-workers. The blame was always placed on what we did wrong even when the client was completely unreasonable and offensive. I'm pretty sure the 5 star reviews on here were written by management. It is a very fake facade that these people hide behind. There are so many wonderful people that work there, but they are never given the opportunity to advance even when they want it. There are very limited opportunities for career advancement."

Regleur cnc (Former Employee) says

"Le recrutement est très bizarre. Les ressources humaines recherche la perle rare puis il vous font signer un contrat de 2 ans et il vous dégage. Si vous êtes qualifier ne perdez pas votre temps avec cette entreprise merdique."

(Unarmed) says

"I worked for a security company that was contracted with them and they knit-picked about everything. The sales associates were horrible, they didn’t greet all the customers"

Cartier Joaillerie (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise avec le but d'engagement et privilège dans tout formes pour les frontaliers Cons: Mon avis"

Impiegata logistica (Former Employee) says

"Stipendio inconsistente"

Ressources Humaines (Former Employee) says

"La seule et unique valeur de cette entreprise qui soi prise en considération est la pierre !"

Training (Current Employee) says

"All work no interaction, no straight up answers."

Emboîtage (Former Employee) says

"Supérieurs avec attitude condescendante envers certains employées (mobbing) et favoritisme."

Hôte d'accueil (Former Employee) says

"experience au sein d une entreprise de renommmée internationale. Cons: manque de convivialité"

Gerente de Capacitación y Coach de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Una empresa con prestigio pero muy pequeña y con poco o nulas oportunidades de desarrollo. Cons: Liderazgo poco enfocado al negocio, muy pequeña"

Boutique Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Management is disorganized and rude and advancement is only possible if you are willing to risk upsetting them off as they will not fight for you themselves. The fact that everyone is replaceable is drummed into your head. If you move to a different department you take your old role with you juggling more then anyone should. It is a good company to have on your resume and a great launch pad but I would not recommend staying there longer then your sanity allows Cons: everything else"

Polisseur (Former Employee) says

"CARTIER a Villars sur glane est une boite social le machines et le travai est comme les autres boites mais le ambiance est pas le meilleur, il ya beaucoup de différence des gens , gens réfugié, ex toxicomanes, gens des services sociaux,"

Opérateur CNC (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise de moyennes tailles ou la perspective d'évolution n'est pas évidente. Cons: evolution"

vendeuse en boulangerie pâtisserie CARTIER (Former Employee) says

"Prise en charges des ventes , conseiller la clientèle , mise en rayon des produits"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Good benefits, varied and diverse place to work. High volume, multi tasking, busy. Workplace culture hierarchical. No work/life balance. Fun colleagues Cons: Management"

Public Relations and Events Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Not much diversity, everyone is out to get each other and will step on your toes for no reason just to make themselves look good to supervisors. Very, very political."

Boutique Administrator, Mansion Flag Ship (Current Employee) says

"Upper Management in the boutique and the old bureaucratic system if crippling the company and causing them to lose talented individuals that they could of cultivate the talent. They want to keep their employee happy, yet do little at making that achievable. I would suggest removing some of the old guard and installing a more updated company to appeal to the younger generation."

Boutique Assistant (Former Employee) says

"poor distant management, low pay for a lot of work, high stress environment. hard work is underappreciated. its a good learning experience though, looks good on resume"

Event Specialist and Communication Intern (Former Employee) says

"No había un dia típico de trabajo en mi puesto porque cuando organizas eventos hay que viajar bastante, contactar a gente muy diferente de países diferentes con varias culturas."

Opérateur - Crévoisier et Bumotec (Former Employee) says

"Mission temporaire sans possibilité a courte terme de passer en fixe, du coup on est parti sur un autre poste."

Merchandiser, Accessories (Current Employee) says

"The culture has improved over the past several years which is good."

Evelyn Paschal says

"I've attempted to get my watch serviced at the Dallas Cartier Boutique without success.

The store doesn't answer the phone. I've left a few voice messages - no response.

There are no available slots the remainder of this year which is needed to enter the store.

Called the Cartier Ambassador, the rep said he would contact the Dallas store to connect with me. Nothing!

I'm terribly disappointed with Cartier and their horrible customer service!"

David Garcia says

"The 14 business day policy of holding funds or your money after a return is a joke towards customer service. There are top jewelers who will treat you as a first-rate client!"

Mia Luikawin says

"Do not buy Cartier online in Australia, they have the worst customer service ever, my bf bought me a ring online for my birthday as a gift since on 17th, and on the website it said delivery within 3days, But in the email it says it will be deliver on 23rd, so he tried to called the 1800130000 which is customer service number, He requested if they can delivery on 20th, and there’s lady pick up the called said to him, She can try to contact Melbourne boutique and will give him call back asap,which is didn’t happen, until Monday, my bf tried to called again, the other male picked up the phone said it’s been shipped from Singapore already, if we want to collect in Melbourne boutique, it might take longer, he also told my bf the latest will be delivery on 23rd, which is Friday. And then when is Thursday he track the tracking number was said will delivery on 27th????? Then we tried to call the Cartier customer service again, they were being unreasonable, keep saying they will update me, said their tried to make delivery tomorrow for me, tell me if I can go all the way to airport to pick up,I’ve been waiting their call all day since 11am til 8pm, at the end team leader call me back sandy wu said she can’t do any delivery until next week even tho we been promised that it will be deliver by 23rd and also CAN’T PROMISE IT WILL DELIVERY ON NEXT WEEK AS WELL??????? I feel like they treating me as customer like a trash, not helpful customer service, maybe because I’m not from China ( I saw some of the Chinese person on another website sharing ordered from the sales and collect by one day)"

Tigrris says

"I made an appointment for a battery change of my watch that is working fine except for the dead battery. I was there 5 minutes before the appointment, but I had to wait 15 minutes in the scorching sun and another 15 minutes inside the store. The first employee was rude and unhelpful. The so called manager promised that they repair person will look at the watch, and the manager will call back within an hour with the results. She did not, so I went back to the store 2 minutes after closing. I had to ask security to find the person. I waited another 15 minutes front of the store when the manager called, pretending she did not know I was waiting there. Naturally the assessment was that my watch needed a $385 service. I called Cartier's HQ, and they referred me back to the store. Another manager called, and sent me a service estimate for the same amount, but did not address any of the issues that the previous manager mentioned. I told her that I don't want to get charged extra for the issues that were not mentioned in her estimate. Her response was that I won't be charged any extra over the estimate. I asked her to put it writing and send it to me in an email, but she refused to do so.
I called Customer Service again where I got the runaround again. This is a so called luxury company that treats it's customers like dirt.
As for the watch; don't buy any of their watches because over the lifetime of the watch you'll re-buy the piece at least once or twice with their ridiculously expensive service."

Tracy says

"Do not use the chat service on the website. I ordered a bracelet on the website on Sunday, got a voice message on Monday that they needed to verify some information from me before shipping it. I called back same day and stayed 40 min on the line before hanging up (who has that kind of time !!). I then went on the website to try to get a hold of someone on the chat, which i did, they made me confirm my address and that someone would be here to sign for the package. And on Tuesday (today) guess what, another voice message from Cartier saying that they needed to confirm some information from me ! i called AGAIN, had to stay 36 min on the line to confirm the same exact information. its been 3 days (need this by end of week for a gift) the bracelet has not shipped and I wasted more than 1.5h with their worthless customer service. Nevermind that i previously purchased a watch that was 10x more expensive from that same exact website without any of this hassle a few months ago. Customer service is haphazard, inconsistent and relies on outdated technology that does not connect chat data with phone calls data. Time to move on to the 21st century. We need 24/7 online customer service via chat, today."

Ewelina says

"My partner have ordered me online small love bracelet for my birthday, I have tried it on and decided I would like a bigger size. Bracelet was collected the next morning for an exchange. After few days we had a phone call from Alex (senior ambassador) that bracelet was broken, worn a lot and extremely scratched. I was really shocked as bracelet was only tried on and put back in the box ready for an exchange and definitely not worn even for 5 mins as I know from my other cartier pieces how easily they get scratched. I have explained that but we still have been told “no” to an exchange. We have been offered polish service and return of the bracelet which we agreed to but after being told by Alex it’s not working I asked if I can still wear it and if it’s working and he replied “yes of course” which indicated that he has exaggerated the condition of the bracelet. We asked for the pictures as well and they shown 3 scratches by the opening screw, which meant that bracelet was scratched during the opening but there were no other scratches which would indicate that bracelet was worn a lot as described by Alex( everyone who’s got cartier bracelet knows that it’s easily scratched and If I was wearing it even for a while it would have scratches in other areas of the bracelet)
I absolutely agree with cartier return policy and I’m not questioning it or the fact that they can not accept scratched items but would appreciate more honest feedback instead of exaggerated one which made me feel very uncomfortable. Service not adequate to the price again. Cartier customer service thumbs down 👎🏻."

Julia Hestbaek says

"I have never felt so uncomfortable and unpleasant as I did in Cartier store in Copenhagen. Customer service is just nonexistent...."

soutsada sikhounchanh says

"My boyfriend ordered a juste un clou ring for my birthday and we received the acknowledgment, but we never received a shipping confirmation email. I called Cartier customer service and the representative I spoke to informed me that the ring was out of stock in their warehouse, so he would get back to me on Monday after contacting several boutiques. I waited and waited to no avail. I then took it upon myself to contact cartier again. The representative this time told me in a severely saccharine and patronizing tone that as the email says, the ring should arrive by this week on Wed. I then had to interject her long rambling that I called on the weekend and was told that the ring was out of stock and that I was supposed to get a call back on Monday.

It's now Monday and I've yet to receive any calls that was promised to me. She then put me on a lengthy hold only to tell me that it would take a couple of weeks before Cartier could fufill my order. Way to go Cartier. Not only will I have to wait for my birthday present, but I had to go through hoops only to be told this disappointing news. The not-so-great representative then told me she could connect me to a boutique that has this ring in stock at the Canoga branch and pick up the ring at the curbside pickup - a branch that is 6 hours away from where I live!!! I immediately told her thanks, but no thanks and that I would like to cancel the online order please.

After hanging up, I searched up nearby Cartier boutiques and found a number to the SF branch. I called and the represenative (who was very professional and friendly about the entire process, which was truly a breath of fresh air) informed me that yes, they do have the ring in stock at their branch.

Now please tell me ladies and gents, on why that terrible of a customer service rep never even referred me to the SF boutique, but referred me to a branch that is 6 hours away from where I live?! One of the most terrible customer services at a high end brand I have ever received. Going forward, if I even want to purchase anything Cartier (which is doubtful considering I had to go through hoops just to buy a ring for my birthday), I'm buying directly from the SF boutique. At least there I'd be ensured some sort of professionalism and care for customers. Thanks, James (Cartier representative at Cartier SF), for making me feel like a valued customer. Never again will I order from the Cartier main website."

Adam says

"Absolutely poor service at Melbourne Collins St Cartier. We bought our wedding ring and after six months a stone fell out. We took it back to be repaired and was told they would need to send to Paris and would not cost as it was their fault. On picking it up they said we had to pay for it and would not give it to us until we paid. After much debate and their final acknowledgment they had no quote etc they gave it to us. This experience was very upsetting. Do not go there! Fortunately we bought our other ring at Georg Jensen - beautiful caring service."

David RD says

"I was outside the Hermes boutique at this location in Dallas at the Highland Park Village. And as I was trying to walk in, the security guard they had held his hand up and rudely told me to stay outside. Nothing else was said and the frowning sales associate was right next to him and said absolutely nothing. I asked if I can get in and he said: No you can’t. You need to have an appointment. That behavior or attitude is unacceptable and it is bad enough that I don’t want to shop at Cartier anywhere anymore.
I hope Cartier Paris reads this review but am not sure it would change anything. American, British and Italians retailers like Harry Winston, Graff, Bulgari, Buccellati and Tiffany don’t have this unfriendly, cheap, and vulgar attitude of lack of abundance and respect. I walked to Harry Winston and the friendly, professional and welcoming service couldn’t be any more different than that at Cartier. Shame on you Cartier for having and allowing such disrespectful and repulsive employees. You have lost a client who will make sure he shares his experience with others for years to come. I am disgusted."

Ott Ed says

"Cartier [here in my country] controlled by ideological racism people (they came from outside my country) !!

Plus a very low, scammer watch service!!

For example they treat the watches badly and say these imperfections from the manufacturer....they used to sell many scratched watches as new and WITH NO discount!

And once I purchased a new watch strap from them I found a very deep scratch on it, I return it to them, after several months I found the same defected strap presented with the new straps!! that enough!?
No I still have many stories....!"

Karen says

"I spent £20k on a gold watch and it’s been so unreliable and they don’t seem to care!"

hani yusuf says

"We took an expensive gold plated 30 year old lighter to the Sloane square branch unfortunately after they promised to fix and service the lighter they called back and informed us they could not fix as they no longer have spare parts for it also they told my to look up the parts on Ebay!!this would not happen with Rolex or dunhill or any high end accessories house! So in conclusion ladies and gentlemen if you want to purchase a high end accessories as an investment or any other reason do not go to Cartier, maybe high end name but unfortunately lacks the service and knowhow and maybe the reliability THANKS CARTIER!!!"

Ed Swe says

"We had an appalling experience buy our marriage bands here. As soon as they realised we where a same sex couple the attitude, treatment and 'service' from the sales staff was rude, patronising and without any attempt to make the occasion feel special. They only thing they showed any interest in was taking our money. We could see other customers where treated in a totally different way to us as they where not same sex."

sonia worley says

"My husband bought me amulette Cartier neckless, few month ago, and I already nearly lost it. The closure at the front is the worst idea I have ever seen in any jewellery.
It keeps opening , and falling on the floor , I need to check all the time if I still have it, Very disappointed , will never buy anything else from Cartier. I have been a good client, bought many watches in the past , but never bought a neckless before."

Derek patton says

"I brought a pair of glasses for 1700$ but didn’t like them so I returned them. I just closed out a bank account and made a new one with another bank I told them so if they can send out a check or send it to my new bank account and they said they were not able to and had to send it back to the original account.I continued to say that my bank won’t proces it and it will not go through and they said well then you will have to take that up with your bank.I said ok so I went to the bank the next week and they said there has not been any transactions since your account closed some iTunes things came through but that’s all so I call them up with my bank manager there and my bank manager continues to tell them that nothing will go through after the account has been closed and they said on there end the “management team” said the payment has went through and my bank manager continues to say there’s no record of it going through and there wouldn’t because the account is closed and asked to provide the account number they used and she said I can’t disclose that I ask why it’s a closed bank account and your talking to my bank manager!? She said the same thing so my branch manager says well it’s not here and they can’t do anything to try to fix this problem I would call an aterny and then she said hold up let me call up the “management team” after he said get an aterny then she says they are going to look into it and get back to me.A couple days later I call them back up and they said the same thing the “management team” says it went through so at this point they are either just to lazy to actually get me my money or even help me try to figure out we’re the money even is if they sent it to an account it should show up you would think they would want to figure this out Incase it happened down the road but no I get the same bs every time I call “there is nothing we can do take it up with the bank” there looking into the matter but won’t actually even look into it just say it says here that the payment went through and now it has been 3 weeks and I ask to speak to a person of the “management team” and I say management team like that because it’s not a team it’s just a lazy person who doesn’t care about the customers money is what I have come to realized at this point if they did they would have called up my bank manager AFTER I GAVE THEM HIS NUMBER A WEEK AGO!so I get a call from this lady and I continue to tell her about my account and she says “it says on our end the payment went through” I’m like I’ve gotten the same answer every single time I call you guys so I say are you and the rest of your management team trying to figure this out or you still trying to push it off on the bank after I told your associates after the bank account is closed it won’t go through with the bank and she says when did it close I said a week before you sent the money and she says well ushually you can get it from your bank after the account has been closedAt this point I’m fed up I say lady I just said to you and all of your representatives that it will not go through even my bank manager told one of your I say sense I can’t do anything at this point why don’t you call up my bank manager and you can try to see where the money went and then she says we can’t talk to a 3rd party.then I say well then what are you guys doing to try to fix this problem and she said we are doing all we can and I said no your not because if you were you would have figured this out weeks ago and been on top of it instead of pretty much saying it’s not our problem in 2 different ways.If they actually were doing all they could they would have bent there rules and called up my bank manager to figure out we’re 1700$ went because I don’t have it and my bank doesn’t have it and apparently they don’t so it looks like I won’t be getting that back so all that being say CARTIER SERVICE IS ABSOLUTE TRASH!
I would give them no stars if I could.

Appolagies about my bad gramer"

Simon says

"Cartier Sunglasses. I have always liked the look of the Cartier Sunglasses with the wood frames, so treated myself to a pair about 4 years ago. I recently was on holiday in Vietnam, and wore the glasses all day. When I returned I noticed that the gold coloured Cartier inlays on the arms were both missing, one in each side. Upon my return to the UK, I took to the Cartier store in Bond Street and was told that replacement would be £75. I asked whether they would replace these as a goodwill gesture due the relatively new condition and the overall cost, but was told they could not. I have many sunglasses, with the majority being a tenth of the cost of the Cartier sunglasses, having no such poor quality. I would not buy from Cartier again."

S Rajput says

"So I am not sure how I feel about this location, I purchase my Love bracelet from here last year and I got my Juste Un Clou bracelet this year and I have to say I was not impressed by the sales staff on both occasions. Last year I just let it slide saying “…oh this store is no Manhasset in Long Island NY…” However, this year when I opened up my bag to open my bracelet box, the sales rep just haphazardly wrapped my box with the white paper and did not even use the seals to close the wrapping off. Additionally, when you buy a Cartier piece of jewelry they traditionally will provide you with the cleaning kit and the booklet of your product with the care instructions. In both cases, the sales rep did not. Honestly, on both occasions I left like the sales rep treated me very different from their other customers who was of a different race. I am generally not one to bring race into play but in my option, this was my experience."

Roger Birks says

"Shops totally lacking in expertise. Contact by email was swift but unhelpful"

EyeSurgeon says

"A dear senior mentor of mine in surgical training (now deceased) bought me a Trinity Key Ring as a special present to commemorate a special occasion. Unfortunately after 2 years, it was stolen. I turned around the next day and went to Cartier at Selfridges, Oxford street and bought myself a new one as I couldn't bear to not have this replaced.
Unfortunately after a few months (less than 6), I noticed that the plating was chipped off in many places, and the keyring looked rather bad. I took it back to Selfridges/Cartier do show it. They took it in and said they'd get back to me. After a long wait, they wrote to me to tell me that "the service centre has advised that the peeling on your keyring is due to general wear and tear and as such would not be replaced..." They said that the item is no longer available and they could launch a world-wide search for another if I wished. I asked them to do this, but I would like the original (damaged one) back. I had a sentimental attachment to this (replacement) ring, of course. They said that they would try to find me another, but that would not also return the original one that I purchased (the damaged one). I have left a 2 star as opposed to a 1 star review because they did offer to replace it, although blaming me for wear-and-tear use of a plating that was clearly not designed to withstand having keys attached to the keychain product."

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